“There’s a difference between good service, great service, and white glove service.”

– Chad Taylor

When thinking about the service a realtor provides, maybe showing some houses, making appointments, and researching surrounding areas comes to mind. This is all fine and well for most, but you are not like most… nor is Chad Taylor.

A connoisseur of luxury realty, Chad Taylor has taken service to a much deeper level. Imagine you are new to the city, state, or even country. Finding a home can be miserable when you know nothing of your new surroundings. You don’t need a realtor in this moment, you need a real estate expert and a friend you can trust. You need someone who knows all the exceptional secrets this city holds; the most grandiose views, intimate restaurants, and highly respected schools. A realtor may know this city, but Chad Taylor loves this city, and he wants you to love it as well. Immediately after requesting his services, you have gained a most valuable resource and loyal friend. He becomes the one you can call on for anything and everything, and is your guide to living luxuriously as you acclimate to your new surroundings. With expertise unmatched by any other, concierge-like service and intricate attention to detail, there is no question that the service you’re experiencing when finding a home with Chad Taylor is the absolute best.